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The Story of Sage Spirit Terra

On the Full Moon, July 31, 1996 is when we closed on the Land that became known as Sage Spirit Terra, Healing Spirit Land.

When we arrive I didn’t remember what I had purchased. The house needed to be cleaned and painted top to bottom with some renovation, the out building was full of black mold and had to be gutted, re-wired, painted, cleaned and prepared for gatherings.

Then there was the Land…the Trees, the Standing Ones, were alive and as were some of the woods. The Land and house were blessed by a Native American of the Lakota Tradition, Chief Richard Grimes in November of 1996. However the place felt dead because it had been decimated with hunting – there were no birds, or small animals and many fewer wild plants and nesting places for wild life.  We came to clean the house so we could live here. We moved in November 1997 exactly 28 years after moving to the City of Chicago and final move in August of 1998.

As we worked with the Earth to heal what had been done with lumber harvests and hunting we healed ourselves little by little.

Gatherings are organized so that others can experience healing of their Spirit in Nature in Sacred Stone People Healing Lodges from 2000 to 2009.

We started Shamanic Journey Drums Circles in 1996 and by 2000 had a regular schedule that we maintain in accordance with the Earth’s Calendar. Please go to www.marileeasnyder.com  for the schedule – All are Welcome. There is more information under Drum Circles…

Many people, ceremonies and events have come and gone. We live a Simple, Shamanic Life, with all of the living Beings and Intelligences who dwell here. It is magical and healing… We hope you enjoy your tour of our home on Marilee’s website…

Healing Spirit Land is a school where we all learn and share…As we continually evolve and grow our lives change in subtle healing ways. 2001 brought us Young Living Essential Oils that contribute to our healing and are in complete alignment as the FIRST MEDICINE of the Ancient Ones at Click Here to Order.

Sage Spirit Terra is my muse and where I write and research with Shamanic Journeys, the Akashic Records, Mother Earth and Father Sky. The Ancestors are alive and well here. The Wind that Moves Us, The Fire that Transforms Us, the Water that Shapes Us, the Earth that Heals Us and the Crystals Inform Us through the Quantum Field of Possibilities…This is where magic and miracles occur. Please visit us at www.marileeasnyder.com